Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 2007. 17(Suppl 1):101-106.

Evaluation of Gasteroesophageal Reflux in Infants with Cow Milk Allergy
L Atarod, Sh Bahreh-mand, Z Kihani-douste MD, A Aghamohammadi, M Ghasemi


Background: Cow milk allergy can present as many gasteroenterological manifestations like gasteroesophageal reflux (GER). The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of GER in infants with CMA in Imam Khomeini Hospital (2002-2003).
Methods: 51 children with CMA were evaluated. Radiographic and endoscopic assessments were performed in GER suspected cases. These cases underwent challenge test and after 2 weeks with cow milk-free diet, they were evaluated again.
Findings: 5 cases (10%; 3 females and 2 males) had concomitant GER (age ranged 3-17 months, mean age: 10.6 months). 3 patients took only mother’s milk and 2 cases were fed with both mother’s milk and formula. All mothers took dairy cow products in their daily diet. Skin prick test was positive in only one infant. Interestingly, after 2 weeks of cow milk protein-free diet both allergic and GER manifestations disappeared.
Conclusions: Evaluation of children with CMA for concurrent GER seems to be necessary, because treating CMA can control GER as well, suggesting an association between the two conditions. Thus an additional antireflux treatment in these patients can be prevented.


Cow milk allergy, Gasteroesophageal reflux, GER,

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