Vol 20, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents



Febrile Seizures: Four Steps Algorithmic Clinical Approach PDF XML
Mahmoud Mohammadi Pages: 5-15
History of Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases in Iran PDF XML
Asghar Aghamohammadi, Mostafa Moin, Nima Rezaei Pages: 16-34
Measurement of the Urinary Lactate/ Creatinine Ratio for Early Diagnosis of the Hypoxic–Ischemic Encephalopathy in Newborns PDF XML
Nahid Ghotbi, Babak Najibi Pages: 35-40
Serum Interleukin 8 Level as a Diagnostic Marker in Late Neonatal Sepsis PDF XML
Hassan Boskabadi, Gholamali Maamouri, Jalil Afshari, Majid Mobarhan, Mohammad-Taghy Shakeri Pages: 41-47
The effect of clofibrate on decreasing serum Bilirubin in healthy term neonates under home phototherapy PDF XML
Reza Sharafi, Zhaleh Mortazavi, Simin Sharafi, Reza Parashkouh Pages: 48-52
Zinc and Copper Concentrations in Human Milk and Infant Formulas PDF XML
Shahnaz Khaghani, Hamid Ezzatpanah, Najmeh Mazhari, Mohammad-Hadi Givianrad, Hossein Mirmiranpour, Fatemeh Sadrabadi Pages: 53-57
Reinfection Rate after Successful Helicobacter pylori Eradication in Children PDF XML
Mehri Najafi, Mohammad Sobhani , Ahmad Khodadad, Fatemeh Farahmand, Farzaneh Motamed Pages: 58-62
Mid-upper Arm Circumference Based Undernutrition among Bengalee Children of Chapra, West Bengal, India PDF XML
Sadaruddin Biswas, Kaushik Bose, Ashish Mukhopadhyay, Mithu Bhadra Pages: 63-68
How to Reach Rapid Diagnosis in Sickle Cell Disease? PDF XML
Ehsan Valavi, Mohammad-Javad Ansari, Khodamorad Zandian Pages: 69-74
Determination of Hepatitis C Genotypes and the Viral Titer Distribution in Children and Adolescents with Major Thalassemia PDF XML
Touran Shahraki, Mansour Shahraki, Esmaiel Moghaddam, Mehri Najafi, Ali Bahari Pages: 75-81
Pulmonary Functions in Normal School Children in the Age Group of 6-15 Years in North India PDF XML
Sandeep Budhiraja, Daljit Singh, Puneet Pooni, Gurdeep Dhooria Pages: 82-90
Thyroid Nodules in Childhood: a Single Institute Experience PDF XML
Alireza Mirshemirani, Fatolah Roshanzamir, Ahmad Tabari , Javad ghorobi, Shadab Salehpoor, Fatemeh Abdollah-Gorji Pages: 91-96
Diaper Type as a Risk Factor in Urinary Tract Infection of Children PDF XML
Alireza Fahimzad, Masoomeh Taherian, Reza Dalirani, Ahmadreza Shamshiri Pages: 97-100
Premature Loss of Permanent Teeth in Allgrove (4A) Syndrome in Two Related Families PDF XML
Zahra Razavi, Mohammad-Mehdi Taghdiri, Fatemeh Eghbalian, Nooshin Bazzazi Pages: 101-106
mtDNA Deletion in an Iranian Infant with Pearson Marrow Syndrome PDF XML
Mohammad-Taghi Arzanian, Aziz Eghbali, Parvaneh Karimzade, Mitra Ahmadi, Massoud Houshmand, Nima Rezaei Pages: 107-112
Isolated Hemihyperplasia in an Infant: An Overlooked Sign for Wilms Tumor Development PDF XML
Kamer Mutafoglu, Emre Cecen, Handan Cakmakci Pages: 113-117
Tecto-Cerebellar Dysraphia Manifesting as Occipital Meningocoele Associated with Congenital Melanocytic Nevi and Pectus Excavatum PDF XML
Amit Agrawal, Sudhakar Joharapurkar, Ata-Ullah Khan Pages: 118-122
HDR Syndrome (Hypoparathyroidism, Sensorineural Deafness and Renal Disease) Accompanied by Hirschsprung Disease PDF XML
Mohsen Sepahi, Behrouz Baraty, Fatemeh Shooshtary Pages: 123-126
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Following Usage of Lithium Carbonate; Is Lithium a Teratogen? PDF XML
Seyed-Hamzeh Hosseini, Seyed-Abdollah Mousavi, Houman Rashidi Pages: 127-130
Goldenhar Syndrome in an Infant of Diabetic Mother PDF XML
Manizheh Gharehbaghi, Mir-Reza Ghaemi Pages: 131-133