Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 1997. 7(25-26):27-31.

A case of chronic Osteomyelitis caused by Salmonella Arizona
Khotayi QT, Makki N


Organisms in genus Salmonella can cause infection in any part of the body. Osteomyelitis due to Salmonella species is infrequent and usually occurs in patients with sickle cell anemia. We report on a case of chronic Osteomyelitis in a 5 year-old boy caused by S.Arizona. This germ is classified serologically in group C2 in which Vi antigen is negative. It is found mainly in soil, and reptiles. Transmission to human may occur via direct inoculation, via contact with domestic animals or via a fecal-to-oral route. Our patient has had an injury to his upper limb, so it is likely that transmission of S.Arizona occurred via direct inoculation in his case.


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