Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 2002. 12(4):23-26.

Ulcerative Colitis in children: Clinical presentation, endoscopic and microscopic morphology of biopsies and their correlations
Partovi S, Ghaffar Zadegan K, Amir Zahiri M


15 patients with established diagnosis of ulcerative Colitis are evaluated. Data was gathered in patients of pediatric endoscopy including: 1) patients history and physical examination, 2) endoscopic reports, and 3) pathologic reports of colon biopsies. The results showed that ulcerative Colitis is seen equally in both sexes. The most common age in pediatric group is 11-15 years. The common presentations of ulcerative Colitis in our study were diarrhea (80%) and hematochesia (86%), and abdominal pain (73%). Severe forms of ulcerative Colitis were seen in 26.6% of cases. P-value of correlation of endoscopic and pathologic findings of ulcerative Colitis in our cases was 0.08, which is not statistically significant, although very close to 0.05 (Positive correlation). Except for one case of failure to thrive, extra-intestinal findings were not seen in our study.


Lower GI endoscopy,

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