Vol 14, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents



Prevalence of growth hormone deficiency in children with short stature PDF XML
"Sh Afshar-Peiman, H Moaieri " Pages: 89-93
Demographic and clinical findings of pediatric trauma patients of Bam earthquake in 2003 PDF XML
Z Ahmadinejad, V Ziaee, H Bagherian, N Zarinfar, SA Mohajerani Pages: 94-100
Survey of clinical and para-clinical findings in children with acute appendicitis1 PDF XML
H Bazmamoun, M Emdadi, M Ghorbanpour, S Amiri Pages: 101-107
The prevalence of breast feeding jaundice PDF XML
"Sh Behjaty, H Shajary, K Wares Isfahany, A Gholozar " Pages: 108-114
Cesarean delivery and duration of breast feeding PDF XML
SH Nabavizadeh, M Safari Pages: 115-120
The incidence of GI complications in patients with leukemia during chemotherapy PDF XML
"S Partovi, A Banihashem, F Farshidi " Pages: 121-124
The study of clinical trend and effects of caustic ingestion based on endoscopy of children referring to Loghman Hakim hospital PDF XML
"F Mehregan, P Yavari, M Nourbakhsh, M Kheyri " Pages: 125-131
The Study of the Frequency of Adenovirus Infections by Immunofluorescence Antibody Method in Patients with Acute Respiratory Tract Infection PDF XML
P Tabatabaei, A Faghani, FB Hashemi, S Mamishi, B Pourakbari, SA Siadati Pages: 132-138
Brucellar epididimo-orchitis in pediatric ages group PDF XML
M Esmaeili Pages: 139-144
Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of ADH in 600 patients PDF XML
F Motamed, A Sheikhi Pages: 145-147
Malnutition and its effects on development in Iranian Children PDF XML
M Bahrami Pages: 149-156
Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome: a case report PDF XML
MR Ashrafi, A Ghazihoseini Pages: 157-162
Cerebral malaria in children: a case report PDF XML
Gh Solimani, K Keshavarz Pages: 163-166