Vol 17, No Suppl 1 (2007)

Table of Contents



Immunological evaluation of children with recurrent ear, nose, and throat (ENT) infections PDF XML
A Karimi, A Isaiyan, A Aghamohammadi, M Moin, F Zandiyeh, A Taj Dini, S Abdollahzade, A Hosein Tahayi, A Arvin Sazgar Pages: 5-13
Hearing screening following treatment of neonates in NICU PDF XML
Y Zahedpash, M Ahmadpoor, R Aghajani Pages: 14-20
Evaluation of the cause and predisposing factors in neonatal mortality by using international coding diseases version 10 in Valiasr Hospital PDF XML
F Nayeri, E Amini, Z Oloomi Yazdi, A Dehghan Naieri Pages: 21-26
Low birth weight causes survey in neonates PDF XML
F Eghbalian Pages: 27-33
Pattern of total antioxidant capacity in human milk during the course of lactation PDF XML
A Zarban, F Taheri, T Chahkandi, GhR Sharifzadeh Pages: 34-40
The role of training workshops of newborn cares in promotion of mothers’ knowledge PDF XML
R Mozafari Kermani, Sh Zoljalali MD, A Azari, J Kouhpayezadeh Pages: 41-46
Prevalence of Low Birth Weight and Obesity and some concomitant factors in live offspring’s in 2006 and compare with 2002 result’s in Arak Talleghani Hospital PDF XML
M Rafiei Pages: 47-53
Evaluation of peripheral neuropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus by bedside scoring procedure PDF XML
H Karamifar, MH Mooadab, Z Karamizadeh, GH Amirhakimi Pages: 54-60
Etiological profile of short stature in a referral endocrinology clinic PDF XML
MR sharbatdar-alaei, A Rabbani, M Rezaie, MK Nourbakhsh Pages: 61-66
Evaluation of malnutrition, as a possible cause of persistence of goiter despite iodine supplementation PDF XML
M Aminzadeh, Z Karamizadeh, GhH Amirhakimi, M Vakili Pages: 67-72
Comparison of serum leptin in major β-talasemia patients and normal subjects PDF XML
H Choobineh, SJ Dehghani, N Einollahi, S Kaviani, SR Reiskarami, S Vahedi Pages: 73-78
Comparison of salivary calcium, phosphate and alkaline phosphatase in children with severe, moderate caries and caries free in Tehran’s kindergarthens PDF XML
M Shahrabi, B Seraj, MT HaghiAshtiani, N Akhundi, A Alikhani Pages: 79-86
The effect of empowerment model on quality of life of Diabetic adolescents PDF XML
M Heidari, F Alhani, A Kazemnejad, F Moezzi Pages: 87-94
Prevalence of congenital heart defects in children with Down’s syndrome in Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran PDF XML
P Akbari-Asbagh, M Ghasemi, A Zamani Pages: 95-100
Evaluation of Gasteroesophageal Reflux in Infants with Cow Milk Allergy PDF XML
L Atarod, Sh Bahreh-mand, Z Kihani-douste MD, A Aghamohammadi, M Ghasemi Pages: 101-106
Frequency, clinical findings and outcome of foreign bodies in the upper gastrointestinal tract PDF XML
F Farahmand, GhH Fallahi, F Yourdkhani Pages: 107-112
Pathologic assessment of Meckel’s diverticulum specimens; A ten year study PDF XML
F Mahjoub, M Kalantari, F Barekati Pages: 113-117
Recurrent Kawasaki diseases: A case report PDF XML
P Akbari, Y Aghighi, HR Tavakoli Pages: 118-120
Pheocoromocytoma; A case report PDF XML
NM Noori, A Mohamadi Poor, M Karimi, MR Tohidi Pages: 121-124
"Developmental Outcome of Low-Birth-Weight Premature Infants " PDF XML
F Solimani Pages: 125-135